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Have you ever wondered what would happen to your property if you lose the capacity to deal with your affairs ?

You may be surprised to learn that your family cannot simply step in. It is likely that a guardian would have to be appointed by the court to deal with your affairs under the supervision of the court. You won`t be surprised to learn that that the legal costs can run to thousands of pounds.

What can you do to avoid this ? The answer is to grant a “continuing” power of attorney. This gives the attorney the usual full power to deal with your affairs on your behalf (e.g. if you go on holiday, or have difficulty travelling to the bank). However, it also  gives the attorney power to continue to act even if you subsequently lose mental capacity to deal with your affairs.
The power of attorney can cover both financial and welfare matters, such as your future care. We can draw up the appropriate Power of Attorney for you at a fixed cost and if you have difficulty travelling to our office we can make an appointment to see you where you live.   

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