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We understand that probably the last thing you want to worry about is what happens when you die – we`re the same. However, the winding up of your affairs will be much easier for your family if you leave an appropriate will. This will specify who is to be your executor, who is to receive your assets and what funeral arrangements you wish. We provide a comprehensive will service and can advise you fully on all relevant issues including the effect of inheritance tax. Are you aware that after the utilizing the current inheritance tax threshold of £325,000 the balance of your estate will be taxed at 40%? This can be substantial and with some inheritance tax planning we would hope to minimize this liability.

We will hold your will and titles for you in our strongroom for no extra charge.

When there is a death in the family legal issues the paperwork and technicalities can be daunting, without the appropriate help. We understand that there are other matters on your mind at this time and we offer a comprehensive, discreet and cost-effective service for winding up of estates, including the often complex issues arising from inheritance tax.

To discuss how we can assist at the first instance please contact:-
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